In School + After School


The In-School Program partners local classroom teachers with a PASA professional for an entire school year to bring math and science to life through:

     • Research

     • Hands-On Projects

     • Field Experiences


All students have the chance to experience the thrill of flight first hand. Last year, over 250 students flew in a general aviation airplane – for many, a first-time experience! For 10 years Ginger DeVillers CEO of Plainwell Aviation and STEM Academy has served select Muskegon, Grand Rapids, and Plainwell Community Schools with approximately 175 to 250 students enroll yearly.



After school programs have included Hesperia, Muskegon and Grand Rapids public school systems. If your school is interested just contact us.


Participating students with a demonstrated interest and economic need can apply for scholarships for the Aviation Summer Camps.

Youth Pilot Program


The Youth Pilots students attend ground school weekly and fly with an FAA Certified Flight Instructor. Key to this program is the Private Pilot Ground School that incorporates the formal training that all pilots must fulfill to obtain their private pilot’s license.


PASA has developed co-curriculum to adapt the ground school material to a middle/high school level. These materials meet the requirements of the FAA written test as well as Michigan Science Standards. Youth pilots also learn about aviation-related careers through:


  • Field trips,

  • Guest Speakers

  • Extra-Curricular Activities.

  • community Service


Students who complete the program may earn their private pilot’s license. To date, 21 students have earned their Private Pilots Certificate through programs operated by Ginger DeVillers. Scholarships may be available to students willing to dedicate the time and effort to achieve this goal. Careers, among many, related to aviation:


  • Pilots

  • Engineers

  • Technicians

  • Meteorologists

  • Remote Sensing Communication

The Plainwell Aviation and STEM Academy is opening up whole new worlds to West Michigan students.



Students pay a small fee of $20 to attend only the field trips you have an interest in with our youth flight students.  Some places and events that we have attended are:

  • WMU College of Aviation, 

  • Air Traffic Control Tower at Kalamazoo Airport, 

  • Duncan Aviation, 

  • WACO Aircraft Manufacturing, 

  • GE Aerospace, 

  • Kalamazoo AirZoo Restoration Center, 

  • Trimotor Fly-in event,  

  • Hov Aire, Inc. 

  • and much more.

We try to take one field trip per month weather permitting. 


If you are enrolled as a Youth Pilot these field trips are included in your $50 tuition.